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Etronika Kinect-based online banking interface photos, video, and hands-on

Etronika Kinect-based online banking demo
Etronika Kinect-based online banking demo

Lithuanian software firm Etronika was on the CTIA exhibit floor this week, showcasing a conceptual interface for online personal banking using a Microsoft Kinect rig connected to a Windows laptop. The interface — which I was able to spend some time using — really couldn't be much simpler: you swipe your hand left and right to move between menu options (statements, currency exchange, bill payments, and so on), and when you see the item that you want to open, you spread your hands apart. To close an open item, you do the opposite, clapping your hands together. I found that the UI took some getting used to and required exaggerated, sweeping motions to function consistently, but I'm sure I could've gotten used to it — and again, this is nothing more than a concept at this point.

The company says that it's gotten some interest from banks, but for now, its hands are tied: the Kinect SDK as it stands today can't be used for commercial applications, so this setup remains a proof of concept until Microsoft allows it to move to the next level. See some photos and video of the system in action on the show floor below.