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Amazon Locker delivery service spotted live in action, is expanding to New York

Footage of Amazon Lockers in action has surfaced as the service rolls out in New York.

Amazon Locker Code Access
Amazon Locker Code Access

We already got a peek at the electronics powering the mysterious Amazon Lockers that have been popping up at 7-Eleven locations in Seattle. It now appears the devices have gone live, and we're getting a look at them in action thanks to GeekWire's Todd Bishop. When placing a recent order on, Bishop noticed a "search for a locker location" option when choosing his shipping. This led him to one of the touchscreen-enabled locker banks at a 7-Eleven store on Queen Anne Hill. After entering a six digit code he'd been emailed, one of the lockers popped open, and he was able to successfully retrieve his order: a set of batteries. It's not clear how many Seattle customers have access to this feature yet, and Amazon's been keeping tight-lipped on the subject, but we assume the tests have been going well: Amazon just started rolling the program out to eight different locations in New York City. Check out the video of Bishop's trial run below.