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Sony Ericsson 'shifting entire portfolio to smartphones' in 2012

Xperia Pro
Xperia Pro

Sony Ericsson chief Bert Nordberg just announced the company's intention to shift its "entire portfolio to smartphones during 2012." Xperia smartphones already account for more than 80 percent of all Sony Ericsson handsets sold according to the company's third quarter 2011 results posted this morning. The announcement comes amid speculation that Sony will take full control of the struggling handset maker. Nordberg declined to comment on the prospects of Sony buying out the joint venture.

For the quarter, Sony Ericsson reported a break-even net profit of zero — slightly ahead of expectations but down from the 49 million euro posted in the same quarter last year. It sold 9.5 million phones in the quarter to help boost revenues 33 percent from the previous quarter to 1.59 billion euros. The company also managed to increase the average selling price of its handsets to Euro 166, up 8 percent from the same period last year and 6 percent sequentially. However, operating margins fell to 2 percent from 4 precent last quarter. Sony Ericsson estimates that its quarterly marketshare of all Android-smartphones was approximately 12 percent in volume and 11 percent in value.