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Google+ rolls out real-time search results, enhanced hashtags

Google is adding real-time search results and improved hashtag support to Google+.

Vic Gundotra
Vic Gundotra

Traffic for Google's social network may have taken a hit since the public launch, but that's not stopping the search giant from continuing to deploy new Google+ features: it's just introduced both real-time search and enhanced support for Twitter-style hashtags. The first change is perhaps the most intriguing, as it will allow Google+ search results pages — which previously remained static after a search was run — to dynamically update with new results as additional Google+ posts are made. It's no doubt another attempt to elbow in on Twitter, whose ability to aggregate news has made it a go-to option for information-hungry users. The hashtag support seems to be more of an iterative change, turning hashtags into clickable links that tie directly to search results. Both services will be rolling out gradually.

While the new additions will certainly be useful, we also can't help but wonder if Google might be better served addressing some of the more basic user complaints at this point instead (Circle management, post ordering, and lack of Google Apps support, we're looking at you). The company seems certain the future of search lies in social, however, so we can no doubt expect to see further tweaks and enhancements to roll out in the coming months. Check out Vic Gundotra's charming — and dare we say, Mister Rogers-esque? — demo video below.