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Dell bets big on Windows 8, Android hasn't met 'expectations'

Michael Dell
Michael Dell

Let's be honest, Dell's latest tablet offerings (see the Streak 7 and Streak 5) have been less than stellar in terms of hardware, but Michael Dell is placing a brunt of the blame on Android. Speaking at Dell World earlier this week, he said the Android slate market "has not developed to the expectations" he thought they would have. However, he expects its tablet success to pick up with the Windows 8: "We are very aligned with Microsoft around Windows 8. You'll hear more about Windows 8 from us and see a wide range of products released."

A large part of that Windows focus seems to be centered around the Windows ecosystem and the company's continued focus on PCs. Even despite being pushed out of the first slot by Lenovo, Dell referenced the fact that there are 1.5 billion PCs in the world and that number is expected to grow to two billion in a few years. Seems like a valid point and strategy, but don't diminish the importance of good hardware even with Windows, Mr. Dell.