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Google Buzz to shut down in a few weeks, Google Labs dies today

Google Buzz logo
Google Buzz logo

Don't act so surprised. Google's microblogging service was granted life standing on the shoulders of giants — which is to say, it launched integrated into Gmail. Yet despite that privileged youth, Buzz lived quietly amongst its peers, and in a few weeks, Google will shut down both Buzz and the Buzz API to instead focus on Google+. Existing content will exist via their Google Profile and be downloadable using Google Takeout. We'd ask for a moment of silence, but that's exactly what killed the service in the first place.

As part of its "fall sweep," Google is also shuttering iGoogle's social features, the open source code search, Jaiku, and the University Research Program for Google Search, which gave "a small number of approved academic researchers" access to the company's search results API. That quartet will move on as of January 15th, 2012.

There's yet one more Google service to mourn, albeit with much more haste. The company previously announced that Google Labs would be closing shortly, and that day is today. Go enjoy it while it lasts, k?