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Barco engineers the first rear-projection 360-degree flight simulation dome

Barco RP 360
Barco RP 360

Fighter jet training is about to become more immersive, thanks to Barco's rear-projection 360-degree flight simulation dome. The RP-360 allows the trainee pilot to sit inside a dome, which surrounds the user with a full 360-degree field of view and allows him or her to realistically engage in training missions. The hardware behind this includes up to 14 high-definition projectors with edge blending and warping technology — this allows for undistorted, realistic images despite the sharp curves of the dome. The RP-360 also allows for night simulations (which interact realistically with night vision goggles) and group missions involving multiple trainees through linking several domes.

While Barco has created some formidable video hardware, this isn't the complete system — there's a lot that goes into a full flight simulator (like motion feedback). We'll have to wait until 2012 to see how the Israeli Air Force takes advantage of this hardware in a full flight simulator.