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Samsung Galaxy S and S II hit 30 million global sales

Samsung's Galaxy S family of smartphones have sold 30 million units worldwide.

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch
Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

Samsung is crowing about the latest benchmark it's hit with the successful Galaxy S family of smartphones — but it may have picked the wrong day to brag. The company today announced that sales of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II have hit 30 million worldwide, with almost 20 million units of the original Galaxy S lineup being sold since its launch in 2010. The critically-acclaimed S II series has been an even greater success, with sales topping six million since June of this year, and that's with the devices only landing stateside in September. There's no debating the popularity of the phones, which have moved Samsung to the front of the Android pack and made it the number two smartphone manufacturer in the world.

That's where it gets sticky, however. The number one maker of smartphones is, of course, Apple, who just blew out expectations by announcing it had moved 4 million units of the new iPhone 4S over the weekend — and that was with availability in a mere seven countries. While putting that big 30 up on the scoreboard has to feel good to Samsung, we're sure it would much rather be announcing numbers that truly trump its rival. Maybe the Nexus Prime can help?