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Verizon changes privacy policy, can now monitor and sell your data

Verizon logo
Verizon logo

Verizon changed its privacy policy this week, giving itself permission to use your mobile web data to target mobile ads and influence its marketing reports. The company can now tell advertisers what sites its users are visiting and where they're using data, and can use information like your location to target ads to you. The update promises repeatedly that Verizon won't give out any information that identifies you personally, and most of what gets used will be aggregate data from users in general, never from one individual. There's also a way to opt out from the monitoring at

What Verizon wants to do sounds a lot like what companies like Google and TiVo have always done, though we're more inclined to forgive Google for spamming you with ads on its free services than Verizon for spamming you on its expensive ones, which seems to be the logical endgame here. Hit the source to see what info Verizon's selling about you, and to make sure you're not giving up information you don't want to.