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Droid RAZR leaks out on Verizon teaser page

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Droid RAZR
Droid RAZR

Sending out mysterious packages and putting up teaser pages for new products is all well and good, but there's always a risk you'll give the game away — which is exactly what just happened to Motorola, Verizon, and the new Droid RAZR. Droid-Life found an image of the ultra-thin phone stashed away on the teaser page that went up this morning, and it's pretty much exactly what we had leaked to us earlier this month, including 4G LTE and that patterned Kevlar back plate. It also comes with the tortured cries of Droid Bionic owners across the country and a lot of questions about Ice Cream Sandwich -- especially since we keep hearing ICS will do away with those physical buttons — but we'll see if Verizon and Motorola have any plans to handle that situation at tomorrow's event.