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Motorola intros tap-to-pair Bluetooth headsets using NFC technology

Motorola Elite Silver and Elite Flip
Motorola Elite Silver and Elite Flip

Motorola may not have any Near Field Communication-capable smartphones yet, but the company's looking to the future nonetheless — on October 24th, Moto will offer two Bluetooth headsets that you can literally just bump into a compatible phone to have them automatically negotiate the pairing process. On the left, you're looking at the Motorola Elite Silver, an over-the-ear design that's a dead ringer for its oh-so-comfortable predecessor the Oasis, minus the swiveling silver boom, and on the right is the Motorola Elite Flip, a traditional in-ear + hook model with a silvery exterior.

Both turn on and off with a simple gesture — you turn the Silver's earpiece, or open the Flip's boom — and both have A2DP, dual mics for noise canceling, and can allegedly roam up to 300 feet away from your device if it has a Class 1 Bluetooth radio. (They also connect to the My MotoSpeak app for Android 2.2+ phones for hands-free texting.) So what distinguishes the $129.99 Silver from the $99.99 Flip, other than look and feel? The Silver comes with a clamshell case with a battery built in, the better to recharge your headset when you're away from the office. In the absence of a Moto handset, here's looking forward to testing them both with a Nexus S.