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Reminder: We're live from Google's Ice Cream Sandwich event, Motorola's Droid RAZR launch, and BlackBerry DevCon tomorrow!

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Sure, we've been a little quiet on TIMN as we gear up to launch The Verge, but we'll be out in force tomorrow at not one but three live events. First, Dieter and Sean will be covering BlackBerry DevCon at 11:30AM ET, where we hope to hear a little something about QNX-based handsets, followed almost immediately by Ross and I covering Motorola's "Big Innovations" launch at 12PM ET, where we expect to see the Droid RAZR and possibly the Xoom 2 as well. Then Joanna and Vlad will be live from Hong Kong at 9PM ET to cover Google and Samsung's joint Ice Cream Sandwich event, where we're expecting to see the Galaxy Nexus Prime Nexus Galaxy Prime Nexus. It's going to be a crazy day, so stay tuned right here for all the action.

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