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Google Voice gets MMS support, barely

Google Voice
Google Voice

Google Voice may be having trouble with OS 5 this week, but there's good news too: baby steps towards MMS support. Sprint subscribers can now send pictures, videos and more to a Google Voice number, and the message will show up on their phone, as well as in their email inbox if they have it enabled. That's nice, though it's somewhat useless for now since there's no easy way to distinguish who in your contact list is a Google Voice subscriber and who just doesn't have an MMS-supported phone.

That Sprint subscribers are the pilot users for the feature isn't surprising given how tightly the carrier has already integrated Voice, but Google says it's working to support other carriers, and to get messages to show up in the Voice web inbox. There's no word on when (or even if) you'll be able to send MMS messages from Google Voice, so don't go canceling your plan just yet, but it's good to know Google's working on another phone bill-killing feature.