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Android Ice Cream Sandwich photo editor, font leak out?

Gallery photo editor icons, updated Gmail widget, and more leak out.

Ice Cream Sandwich Photo Editor Icons
Ice Cream Sandwich Photo Editor Icons

It looks like we may have gotten another taste of Google's Ice Cream Sandwich before its announcement tomorrow, courtesy of some supposed screenshots and icons on the interwebs. Android Police posted pics of some icons that suggest that there will be a photo editor built-in to the stock gallery app, as well as screenshots showing off what appears to be a new look for the Gmail, email, and calendar widgets. The shots originate from an anonymous source who's been giving the site many leaks, including downloads of updated apps.

The photo editor icons were originally on a transparent background, but, according to Android Police, they were edited for easier viewing. If accurate, the icons show what would be some basic (but helpful) functionality, including exposure adjustment, red eye reduction, crop, rotate, and flip, as well as an assortment of nearly 20 photo effects.

Screenshots of the Gmail, email, and calendar widgets (juxtaposed with Honeycomb variants below, and at the source link) expose what may be a modified user interface that features what we think to be a clearer, nicer font. We'll see if these changes are legit tomorrow at Google's event in Hong Kong at 10PM eastern tomorrow; be sure to check out our liveblog for everything you ever wanted to know about Ice Cream Sandwich