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Motorola MOTOACTV fitness computer announced, available November 6th

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Motorola just announced a wrist-based wearable computer with a fitness focus, the MOTOACTV. It's rugged, sweat-proof, features a capacitive touchscreen, gives you control of your music, and has integrated GPS for monitoring your workouts. Fitness buffs will also appreciate the fact that the heart rate monitor is built-in to an included wireless headset - you don't need an external chest strap. Why a headset? You get both music (there's FM radio plus room for 4,000 songs) and a voice feed of how your workout's progressing. Integrated Wi-Fi allows the MOTOACTV to automatically upload your workouts without any intervention on your part (some monitors use ANT+, but the use of Wi-Fi means you won't need an ANT+ dongle on your computer to get the data flowing). And as you might expect, it'll sync up with your compatible phone to allow you to accept calls, reject calls, and handle text messages. It's available November 6th in two versions: one with 8GB for $249, one with 16GB for $299.