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Motorola Droid RAZR first hands-on pictures and video!

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Droid RAZR hands on
Droid RAZR hands on

We just got a quick hands-on with the new Droid RAZR, and yeah—it's super, super thin. Kind of unbelievably so, actually. The Super AMOLED screen is also as rich as advertised, although the demo units here are totally marked up with fingerprints. The Kevlar back panel feels more like soft-touch plastic, and it conceals a little secret: the battery is sealed in and not removable. The capacitive buttons up front are a disappointment if you're used to the physical buttons of the Droid X or X2, but they seem responsive enough, as does the display.

As usual with every new Motorola phone, there are some random tweaks to the Android skin, but overall the software is much the same as what we've seen on the Bionic or Droid X2—you might say it's just a little shinier. But the software isn't the story here, it's the hardware, and this hardware is pretty gorgeous. Check some more photos and a quick hands-on video below.