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Reminder: we're live from Google's Ice Cream Sandwich event tonight at 10:00PM ET!

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It's already been quite the day today — an Apple earnings call, an assortment of new Motorola devices (Droid RAZRMotoACTV, Lapdocks 100 and 500 Pro), and even a new BlackBerry OS (BBX). The biggest news of the night, however, may have yet to come. Google and Samsung has some big announcements set for its Ice Cream Sandwich event in Hong Kong. Even if Samsung's already leaked the Galaxy Nexus thumbnail, there's sure to be plenty to watch out. The presentation begins at 10:00AM local time, which is 10:00PM ET tonight! In case you don't know exactly where to click to watch the exciting events unfold, we've gone and used an enlarged font (below). Bookmark the page, go take a breather, and we'll see you in few hours!

Click here for the Google Ice Cream Sandwich live blog!