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MUSE combs through your email to pluck out life's narrative

Members of Congress will be able to see which months had the most scandalous email attachments

BlackBerry Torch 9810 performance 2
BlackBerry Torch 9810 performance 2

The glory days of email may be ebbing as our online presence shifts to more complicated platforms, but thanks to Stanford University's MUSE program you can now take a bird's-eye peek at the parts of your past squirreled away in your inbox. MUSE (short for Memories Using Email) mines your entire email record for patterns and weaves together a month-by-month perspective of your life — you'll be able to see when you were happy, depressed, anxious, or even a little naughty. The program can visualize your ups and downs over the years by looking at words in your email which express emotions like grief, shame, love, or joy. It can also detect your communication patterns with groups of people based on shared conversations, and display a timeline of communication between you and specific others.

You can check out the demo, which browses Sarah Palin's leaked email archive, over at Stanford's website. Or why not just give it a shot on your own inbox? Awkward family chain mail from the nineties awaits.