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Kobo launches Vox, a $199.99 Android tablet for readers

Kobo Vox
Kobo Vox

Amazon has the Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble has the Nook Color, and now Kobo, never wanting to be left behind, has the Vox. The $199.99 tablet has a 7-inch AFFS+ display, which is designed to use less power and be more readable in sunlight than traditional LCDs. The interface looks to be a heavily modified version of Gingerbread, much like both Kindle Fire and Nook Color, and it's taken a similar app route as well — rather than full access to the Android Market, Kobo has curated 15,000 free apps that you can download to the device. There's 8GB of internal storage (with a card slot for up to 32GB more), which you can fill with content from Kobo's large bookstore. Kobo loves its social features, and it's touting them here too: the Reading Life app tracks your reading stats and gives you awards for reading, and Kobo Pulse lets you see what other people think about what you're reading.

The Vox is up for pre-order today in black, blue, green, and pink, and will ship October 28th.