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WebOS 3.0.4 OTA update for TouchPad now available

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Amidst all the moving and shaking from Android yesterday, HP Palm quietly announced an over-the-air webOS update for the TouchPad. Aside from the usual promise of better performance and UI tweaks, webOS 3.0.4 also introduces a new camera app for photo and video, the ability to sort the App Catalog by TouchPad-only and Phone-only software, support for OGG Vorbis music files, and online / offline statuses for individual messaging accounts — meaning you can be "offline" on your work account and simultaneously online with your personal one. The updates adds new Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to sync non-webOS devices and take phone calls on the TouchPad (if you're so inclined), and pairing non-webOS Bluetooth keyboards has reportedly (and seriously, absolutely, thankfully) been streamlined. Click the Updates app on your TouchPad to demand immediate augmentation.