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    Android Beam: pictures, video and hands-on

    Android Beam: pictures, video and hands-on

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    One of the halo features of the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich is Beam, which via NFC lets you tap two phones together to share a map, image, website, or link to an app. Sure, we got a look at it during the demo this morning, but we decided to track down two Galaxy Nexus devices (or Galaxy Nexi) and see the direct sharing ourselves. As you will see in the video after the break, the transfer of a map and a website was really seamless and to confirm the transfer you are required to tap once on the phone sending the info. There's no confirmation on the receiving phone, you do have to enable the Beam and NFC features in the settings. That seems like a solid amount of protection, and considering you have to physically tap the two phones together, we assume you'd know that something is being sent over to your handset. Hit the break to see it all in action.

    Android Beam Hands on demo