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Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update now available to 'nearly everyone'

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A small update on the rollout of Windows Phone's big update. According to Microsoft's Eric Huatala, the company is making Mango available to "nearly everyone in the current delivery pool" — which, as far we understand, means pretty much everyone with a Windows Phone device. Unfortunately, that's as specific as Huatala gets before caveating that some phones are still undergoing carrier tests and will receive "expedited delivery" afterwards. Microsoft was at 50 percent rollout at the beginning of this month. As of October 13th, the Samsung Focus version 1.4 was in testing (1.3 is currently being rolled out) and the Dell Venue Pro is "in Planning."

Already using Mango? Huatala says new firmware is expected to go out next week for select devices on select carriers in select countries. So  not everyone will get that update, but those who do can expected improved performance and / or "new Windows Phone 7.5 features." Again, the details are pretty hazy, but the point is we're pretty close to having Mango as the Windows Phone baseline, at which point we can all look ahead to the next update — whatever and whenever that'll be.