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Adobe demos tool for syncing crowd sourced videos

Adobe Video Sync
Adobe Video Sync

Adobe was full of interesting demos at its MAX conference this week — in addition to image deblurring, the company's researchers also showed off an early iteration of a tool that can sync multiple crowd-sourced videos, using audio tracks and clues in the footage, to create a multi-camera film of any concert or event. To demonstrate the pre-alpha feature, Adobe grabbed seven videos of a Taylor Swift concert from YouTube, all shot from different points of view, starting and ending at slightly different times. With one click and some command line wizardry, a single soundtrack started playing, with videos coming in and out at the right times. The feature isn't part of Adobe Premiere or any of its other software yet, but we hope it comes soon — we've got a lot of Taylor Swift videos to work on.

Check out the demo below, or hit the source for a more official version from Adobe.