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Spotify now available for GSM BlackBerrys

BlackBerry Spotify
BlackBerry Spotify

BlackBerry smartphones have fallen behind in the app race, but Spotify hasn't forgotten about them. A new preview version of Spotify is now available for GSM BlackBerry smartphones, with offline playlists, search, integration, and more. Spotify joins Slacker (an early BlackBerry favorite), Rdio, Pandora, and BBM Music in offering BlackBerry apps, which gives users plenty of options for streaming music.

Unfortunately, the preview won't work on the Torch 9800 or on any CDMA-based BlackBerry smartphones, so Verizon and Sprint users are out of luck. Users will also need to be signed up for the full, Spotify Premium plan in order to stream music. If you've made it through that thicket of caveats, you can head over to this page from your compatible BlackBerry to download the preview. You could also wait until Spotify has worked out the kinks on the app and submits it to BlackBerry App World, though we don't know exactly when that will be.