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Al Gore: T-Mobile / AT&T merger unlikely, will be hard to overcome Justice Department’s challenge

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He may not be a technology CEO or Chairman, but former Vice President Al Gore took the stage this morning here at AsiaD. Naturally, we couldn't resist asking him about a hotly debated political / technology issue: the T-Mobile and AT&T merger. The full answer is below, but in short he feels it is unlikely that it will go through given the Department of Justice's motion to block the merger.

"Well… it's going to be reviewed. My guess is that the Justice Department so rarely undertakes an initiative like the one they took against that merger. I think it'll be hard to overturn that measure. Both companies will try to put it back together, but they'd be well advised to start looking at other strategies."

We're unsure what those other strategies would be — at least on AT&T's part — but we're sure they'll work as hard as they can to come up with one.

Thanks to Engadget's Darren Murph for transcribing the answer for us.