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Intel CEO claims HP and Dell ultrabooks arriving in early 2012

If you want an ultrabook this year, it won't be from Dell or HP

Intel CEO Paul Otellini
Intel CEO Paul Otellini

Intel CEO Paul Otellini says that HP's first ultrabooks will arrive in early 2012 along with models from Dell, contradicting an earlier report from DigiTimes that HP would have an ultrabook on the market by the end of the year. In a conversation with the Fox Business Network, Otellini discusses the many other partners who will have ultrabooks available for the holidays — he claims 11 manufacturers are producing ultrabooks, with "60 more designs" coming next year when Ivy Bridge processors launch (presumably including models from HP and Dell).

Otellini also addresses former HP CEO Leo Apotheker's plan to potentially spin off HP's PC business, saying he was "stunned"; Otellini says he would urge current CEO Meg Whitman to "stay the course."

When asked how the increasingly ubiquitous touchscreen would play into the ultrabook strategy, Otellini notes that until now, "there was no operating system to take advantage of [a touchscreen]," but that Windows 8 will address that need. Specifically, he mentions a "hybrid" device that would combine the features of a tablet and a notebook — it sounds like Intel's CEO envisions an update to the original, niche tablet PC form factor.