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Galaxy Nexus coming to Verizon ‘this year’

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Galaxy Nexus
Galaxy Nexus

Verizon has just confirmed that it's getting the LTE-enabled version of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus - the first Ice Cream Sandwich device, announced to considerable fanfare earlier this week — though it's not saying exactly when. All we know so far is that it's coming "this year," which gives the company a little over two months to put the phone on store shelves. For what it's worth, the move comes as no surprise — Google had said that it'd be coming to the US and that there'd be an LTE variant, and Google's own Romain Guy recently posted shots of the phone bearing Verizon's distinctive "4G LTE" logo. At retail, the Galaxy Nexus will be going up another blockbuster release, Motorola's Droid RAZR, which lacks Android 4.0's refined stylings and the massive 720p display but packs its guts into a shell just 7.1mm thick. Screen and software versus design: which wins?