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Google Music to add Google+ sharing, launch soon?

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Google Music Beta
Google Music Beta

After hearing Andy Rubin promise that the upcoming Google Music service will "have a little twist," most of the rumors about it have focused on what might be Google's biggest priority right now, Google+. So it's not surprising that today we have a trio of stories suggesting exactly the kind of Google+ integration we were expecting. According to their sources, the new service will allow users to recommend songs purchased from Google Music on Google+ to friends, who will be able to listen to the songs for free — though probably only once.

Google Music is rumored to be launching within a matter of days or weeks, though it's not clear if all the big record labels will allow their libraries to work with the sharing feature. Google was widely rumored to have failed in earlier negotiations with the record labels, resulting in a more limited feature set on the existing Google Music Beta. The Beta is currently just a music uploading service, where users can put their own music in a locker in the cloud for later streaming. We are also expecting big changes to the Android Google Music app on Ice Cream Sandwich, so it's probably a safe bet that it will also include ways to share directly on Google+ from within the app.