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Nuance's Dragon Recorder lets users record now, transcribe later

Nuance's new Dragon Recorder iOS app lets users record voice memos that can be transcribed later by its desktop software.

Nuance Dragon Recorder for iOS
Nuance Dragon Recorder for iOS

Apple's Siri may be getting all the attention lately, but dictation specialist Nuance is adding utility to its products with Dragon Recorder, a new iOS app that lets users record on-the-go voice memos for transcription on their desktops. The company, whose speech recognition is thought to power Apple's service, offers a line-up of Mac and PC applications that let users dictate documents and issue spoken commands to their computers. Dragon Recorder works with them as a voice memo way station: users record on their iOS device, the audio files are later transfered over Wi-Fi or via iTunes, and Nuance's desktop software takes over from there.

The company has focused on mobile lately, releasing add-ons like Remote Mic, which turns an iOS device into a Wi-Fi microphone, as well as standalone solutions like Dragon Dictation and Dragon Go!. It's also made its interests clear with the Dragon Mobile SDK and the recent $100 million purchase of keyboard alternative Swype. With so many different Nuance titles cluttering the App Store, however, we do wonder why every discrete function needs its own app — recording memos seem a natural addition to Dragon Dictation.