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Nikon V1 and J1 mirrorless cameras hit US online retailers

Nikon's V1 and J1 mirrorless cameras are now available at US online retailers.

Nikon 1 V1
Nikon 1 V1

Have you been waiting to get your hands on the new Nikon Series 1 digital mirrorless cameras? Then get your credit card ready, because the V1 and J1 are now shipping. The company announced the line of interchangeable lens shooters back in September, and seems to have hit its projected release date with the cameras available for order in the US on Amazon, B&H, and other online retailers. However, outlets abroad still appear to be in pre-order mode, with release set for October 24th. The 10.1 megapixel cameras both feature 3-inch LCD screens and RAW image support, with a 10-30mm kit lens bundled with the base configuration. The J1 comes in a handful of colors for a MSRP of $649.95, with the $899.95 V1 available in either black or white — but you'll be getting a higher resolution display and built-in electronic viewfinder for the extra expenditure. If you're ready to pull the trigger, check the source links below to get your order in.