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Dell Latitude ST Windows 7 tablet and dock revealed

Dell Latitude ST Screengrab
Dell Latitude ST Screengrab

In a promotional video on its Malaysian site, Dell has revealed details of its upcoming Dell Latitude ST Windows 7 tablet. The video lays out that the 10-inch tablet will run on an Intel Atom processor and include a built-in stylus, HDMI-out, front and rear cameras, an SD card reader, and a USB port. Dell will also offer a docking station for the Latitude ST so it can be used as a full desktop computer with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Both the tablet and the docking station have been previously rumored in a leak of a tablet codenamed "Peju." The leak implied the docking station would include 3 USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI-out, and audio-out. If it works as well as it does in Dell's promotional video (embedded below), it could be just the thing to tide you over until Windows 8 tablets are released.