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Apple posts 'Celebrating Steve' video; 60 Minutes interviews Jobs biographer

Celebrating Steve
Celebrating Steve

Apple held a memorial service at its Infinite Loop headquarters this past October 19th, and today it has posted the full video of the event online. The event featured new CEO Tim Cook, board-member and former Vice President Al Gore, and Jonny Ive. Said Cook, "Steve made our world a better place. he left his fingerprint all over society, all over the world."

Additionally, CBS' 60 Minutes has posted the full transcript of the show's interview with Walter Isaacson, the author of the biography Steve Jobs, due out tomorrow. Isaacson revealed a few details from the upcoming book and his interviews, from the early days to how Jobs faced his cancer diagnosis. According to Isaacson, Jobs faced his own death philosophically, going so far as to link ambivalence about the afterlife to the his dislike of on-off switches.

Find links to both below, note that the Apple video seems to require Safari on the Mac to work.