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Ice Cream Sandwich update to start rolling out ‘a couple of weeks' after Galaxy Nexus release

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Asia D Andy Rubin
Asia D Andy Rubin

Having participated in the announcement event for the Galaxy Nexus this morning, Andy Rubin is now addressing the second biggest question relating to Ice Cream Sandwich: when will it get to devices that are already out? In an interview at the AsiaD conference, Andy has put that schedule at "a couple of weeks after" the Galaxy Nexus arrives on the market, which is tantamount to saying the ICS update will be out by mid-December at the latest. The brand new Nexus is poised to hit Asia, Europe and the US in November, and Rubin expects other devices to be enjoying the operating system it ships with shortly thereafter. He hasn’t told us which tablets or smartphones might be first (an educated guess would include the Nexus S among the prime candidates), but another important point made is that ICS will be going open source at about the same time the update’s released.