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Apple television rumors proliferate, still barely any evidence

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Apple TV remote
Apple TV remote

So Steve Jobs told biographer Walter Isaacson that he'd "cracked" the TV market, and now almost every analyst covering Apple has published something about a TV — it's a wave of unsubstantiated rumors as furious as anything we've ever seen. As usual it's Gene Munster who's banging the TV drum the hardest he's claiming it's just "another data point" supporting a rumor he's been personally reviving every few months since 2009. Of course, Gene is also famous for relying on some incredibly shady data, so it probably doesn't make any difference to him that these data points haven't added up to any actual products.

There may be some evidence of an Apple TV besides the biography itself, however — Bloomberg's citing anonymous sources who say that Jeff Robbin, lead software designer for iTunes, is guiding development of an Apple television. Naturally, Apple declined to comment when Bloomberg asked for confirmation.

Of course, without official knowledge, who knows maybe it'll be Gene's lucky year? We're not holding our breath.