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AMD future plans detailed, launching new platform for ultrabook-like laptops?

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AMD Fusion
AMD Fusion

As Intel pushes ultrabooks, AMD had to make a move, and it looks like it has already begun readying a response. The company officially revealed the Krishna and Wichita APUs earlier this year, and it appears they may be used in a new platform called Deccan that is designed for laptops competing with ultrabooks. The notoriously unreliable Digitimes is reporting that the Deccan platform is launching in 2012, with the Kabini-based Kerala set to follow in 2013. Both of these platforms would follow the company's current low-powered Brazos platform, making them logical successors for the ultrathin market.

The Taiwanese trade publication may also have details about AMD's roadmap for traditional notebooks. The current Danube platform will allegedly be replaced by the Trinity-based Comal in 2012, followed by the launch of the Indus platform, based on Kaveri APUs, in 2013. In addition, Digitimes reports that the semiconductor company has plans for the tablet market with the Brazos T and Samura platforms, which are set for release in 2012 and 2013, respectively. While it's true that AMD has previously mentioned Trinity, the company has yet to officially reveal any further plans. As usual, these rumors are subject to change — particularly considering their source.