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ViewSonic ViewPad 7e announced, will be just $199

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Low-end Viewpad 7e 7-inch Gingerbread tablet announced at $199.99


ViewSonic's pushing into ever-lower segments of the tablet market, and the new ViewPad 7e is its cheapest yet, at just $199.99. The spec sheet reflects the discount price, with a sad 800 x 600 7-inch display, a 1GHz Samsung-built Cortex A8 processor with 512MB of RAM, and just 4GB of internal storage — although there's a microSD slot for expansion. Perhaps most damningly, ViewSonic hasn't yet fallen into Google's good graces and earned certification for Honeycomb, so you're stuck with Gingerbread and no access to Android Market, Gmail, or any of Google's other apps.

The company's trying to make up for it by tacking on the "ViewScene 3D" interface and pointing users to the Amazon Appstore, but with Amazon's own Kindle Fire due to arrive a bit later this fall with better specs and just a slightly higher price tag, we're not sure the 7e will attract much attention.