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Galaxy Nexus UK picture clears: November availability on O2 and Orange

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We know now the Galaxy Nexus will be coming to O2 and Orange in the UK.

galaxy nexus big 2
galaxy nexus big 2

Samsung and Google made the long-awaited Galaxy Nexus official last week, but while we know it's coming to Verizon in the US, carrier details in other countries have been scarce. That's now changing in the UK: O2 has posted a teaser page confirming they will carry the flagship phone, and UK retailer Phone 4u is taking orders for a version to be used on Orange's network. While O2 lists no pricing information yet, Phone 4u is selling the Orange variant for just £59.00 (about $94) with a contract. There's no mention of the device on Orange's site as of yet, and given network support, neither model is listed as using LTE.

Up until this point, the official word on Nexus Prime availability had been a vague "later this year," but O2 lists November as the true time frame, with Phone 4u pinning down delivery to a hard and fast November 16th. With more details sure to come as the launch nears, November looks to be an exciting month for Android fans hungry for a bite of Ice Cream Sandwich.