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Asus Supernote app combines typed and drawn inputs

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Asus's keyboard-toting tablets received a new app called Supernote, a hybrid type and draw app aimed squarely at students, when Android 3.2.1 rolled out a few weeks ago. Now, Asus has released a video showing off Supernote's differentiators over other apps that record drawn input, like Penultimate on the iPad or Scribe on the HTC Jetstream. While Supernote isn't a brand new concept, its strength seems to lie in ease-of-use.

Asus highlights three main features: for starters, anything you draw is saved as an image and behaves like any other typed character, allowing you to easily move, delete, and insert drawings into a stream of typed text. You can also create charts and place them in your document like you would with images and charts in Word. Lastly, you can shoot and insert pictures into your document and manipulate them the same as you would with something drawn.

As the main selling point of this app is its ability to integrate your drawings with text input, this app is only available on the Eee Pad Transformer and Eee Pad Slider, at least for the time being. To see Supernote in action, check out Asus' video below.