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Corning announces Lotus Glass, already in production

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Although it's best known for Gorilla Glass, Corning produces a range of glasses for different applications, and at FPD International today it's announced the latest addition to the family, Lotus Glass. Whereas you'll see Gorilla Glass on the front of your display resisting all kinds of damage, this new product's designed to be used as a substrate in OLED and LCD displays — the component which supports the panel's electronics. Corning promises that Lotus Glass is far more resilient than other glass substrates, allowing for more delicate and complex panels to be constructed. For the user, this ultimately means higher resolutions and response times, with less energy used — good news with the power-hungry displays in some of today's gadgets. The greater thermal stability also means that there is less risk of wastage during the intense production process, adding to the glass's green credentials.

Corning hasn't announced which manufacturers have picked up the new glass, but we'll be looking out for it in the coming months — it's already in production.