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Nexus One will not get Ice Cream Sandwich, says Google

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Nexus One with no Ice Cream Sandwich
Nexus One with no Ice Cream Sandwich

Though the Samsung Nexus S will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich in just a few weeks' time, Google's first flagship Nexus device is out of luck. Google's Android product director Hugo Barra told The Telegraph that the HTC-manufactured Nexus One will not be getting Ice Cream Sandwich, saying the hardware was just too old for the platform. (He doesn't clarify, but we'd reckon it has something to do with having only 512MB internal memory.) We were told the same thing during our interview with Android's head of UX Matias Duarte earlier this month.

Taking a step back, it's funny to think how this "old" device was released less than two years ago, back in January 2010. Then again, Android itself has only been commercially available since October 2008 (c.f. T-Mobile G1), which puts the Nexus One decidedly over the hill. Looks like the phone is destined to retire on Gingerbread, meaning last month's 2.3.6 could very well be its last. In fairness, that does mean it was updated well past the company's "18 month" pact.