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Linux kernel 3.1 released with NFC and Wii remote support

Linux Penguin
Linux Penguin

The latest version of the Linux kernel has arrived with a host of new features that include new graphics drivers, NFC integration, and Nintendo Wii remote support. The version 3.1 release was delayed in part because its traditional host,, was taken down for maintenance in August, when developers discovered that someone had gained root access to the server and injected a trojan software into the startup scripts. This caused the Linux kernel to be hosted on GitHub for the first time while is being revamped. On a lighter note, 3.1 was also delayed because Linus Torvalds, the kernel's namesake and original developer, took a vacation.

You can start compiling the source code and figuring out new uses for your Wii remote as we speak, while the less brave can wait for their favorite Linux distribution to release an update.