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Nokia 800 gets Bluetooth certification right before announcement, described as 'cost conscious' Windows Phone

Nokia 800 Bluetooth SIG
Nokia 800 Bluetooth SIG

The timing wasn't quite right, but close: the Bluetooth SIG's product database has just added an entry for the Nokia RM-801, better known in leaks as the Nokia 800. This had been believed to be the phone that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop briefly showed off earlier this year as the "Sea Ray," a Windows Phone that closely mirrors the stylings of the company's MeeGo-based N9, but that may not be the case: the Bluetooth filing describes the phone as "ideal for first time or cost conscious smartphone users" with a 3.7-inch ClearBlack (read: AMOLED) display and interchangeable battery covers. We'll know more in just a few minutes as our live coverage kicks off.

Update: Considering that the Lumia 800 was just announced, it looks like the N9 and has no interchangeable battery cover, it'd appear that the Bluetooth SIG has the wrong product description attached -- in other words, it lines up with the Sea Ray leaks after all.

Update 2: Be sure to check out our hands-on photos and video of the Nokia Lumia 800.