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Nokia Lumia 800's retail packaging turns up at Nokia World

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Nokia Lumia 800 box
Nokia Lumia 800 box

Your average smartphone buyer likely rips the retail box to shreds and tosses it without giving it a second thought (after cutting out a proof of purchase for a mail-in rebate, perhaps). That's not stopping manufacturers from giving their flagship devices the luxurious cradles they deserve, though — and for Nokia, the trend continues with the Lumia 800. The new Windows Phone's box is quite a bit like the N9's — which makes sense, considering their shared heritage — but the Lumia kicks up the flair a bit with flashier shots of the phone printed around the outer sleeve. Pulling the inner box out reveals the device itself, and rest assured, we had to resist the urge to tear open the anti-static pouch within; sadly, this particular phone isn't ours. Follow the break for more shots.