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Asus Transformer Prime pictures surface

Asus Transformer Prime Leak
Asus Transformer Prime Leak

Given that the Asus Transformer Prime tablet is due out on November 9th, it's no surprise that photos of the device have leaked out. There's not a lot of new information to glean from the pictures that originally appeared on a Chinese site beyond what you see above. The Transformer Prime looks to have a good-looking aluminum build in a silvery shade and chiclet keyboard that doesn't look radically changed from the keyboard on the original Asus Transformer. We found ourselves pleasantly surprised by that device in our review, so we'll be interested to see if the quad-core Tegra 3 processor on its successor will translate into an even better experience.

The images also don't clue us in about whether or not it will run Ice Cream Sandwich, but the November 9th release date may just beat the Galaxy Nexus to market, so our best guess is that it will launch on Honeycomb. Asus Chairman Jonney Shih did say he expects Ice Cream Sandwich to hit tablets by the end of the year, let's hope that the Transformer Prime makes the cut in short order.

Find another image below and a couple more at the source link.