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ARM turns a €55 million profit in lucrative Q3

ARM Q3 Processor Royalties
ARM Q3 Processor Royalties

Oh, it's a good time to be ARM. Yes, there's been some confusion about whether Windows 8 will reach its full potential on ARM devices, but the company's doing quite well when it comes to raw dollars and selling smartphone processor licenses. Interestingly, the two are actually diverging, seeing as ARM is starting to make just as many royalties by catering to the enterprise and embedded markets, but that didn't keep the company from gaining new licencee for its flagship Cortex-A15 and Mali T604 graphics, increasing revenue 22 percent to €120.2 million (about $167M) since last quarter, and raking in €55.8 million of that ($77M) in pure profit before tax. Find all the financials you want to read at our source links.