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Adobe Carousel finally available, brings cloud-synced photo editing to iOS and OS X

Adobe Carousel
Adobe Carousel

Adobe Carousel is now officially available for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad, bringing with it a cloud syncing photo service that works across all your iOS devices and your Mac. The app — which was introduced in September — may sound like iOS 5's new PhotoStream feature, but boasts richer editing options and "Looks," which are essentially presets you can apply with a single click. Additionally, all changes are synced in real time between devices — so if you change a look or favorite a photo from your desktop, those alterations will appear on your iPhone or iPad as well.

Carousel is built to encourage sharing, and you can invite up to five people to each of the five carousels you're allowed to create.This allows other people to edit photos collaboratively or to simply view them as well. Of course, there are buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and e-mail sharing too.

Unfortunately this service isn't free, and will run you $6 per month until January, or $60 per year. On the bright side, we've confirmed that there's no storage limit for photos, and that Adobe will host full resolution versions of the photos you add to a carousel. This may not be Lightroom for iPad, but it definitely looks to be the next best thing to it.