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ThinkGeek's Iris 9000 turns your iPhone into a sci-fi icon

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ThinkGeek's new Iris 9000 accessory turns SIri into 2001's homicidal HAL.

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ThinkGeek's Iris 9000
ThinkGeek's Iris 9000

Apple's Siri is great at certain tasks: placing phone calls, sending texts, and getting rational adults to re-enact classic human / AI conversations from movie history. ThinkGeek is taking the last one a step further with Iris 9000, a speaker dock for the iPhone 4S that brings 2001's homicidal HAL to your desk. Consisting of a minimalist black tower with the iconic glowing red eye, the AC-powered dock features a built-in speaker and microphone for conference calls, and bundles a miniature remote for triggering Siri from across the room. As any sci-fi die hard would hope, its red eye pulses with Siri's every word.

ThinkGeek previously gained iOS accessory street cred with the iCade, a miniature gaming cabinet for the iPad. While that accessory had some real utility — it brought arcade controls to the Atari's Greatest Hits app — Iris 9000 seems to be a very cool one-trick pony by comparison, especially at $59.99. On the positive side, it won't shoot your roommate into deep space or try to kill you to protect its secret mission... but then again, that's what Dave thought. The accessory will be available in 2012.