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Verizon posts Galaxy Nexus sign up page, waffles on exclusivity

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Galaxy Nexus preview
Galaxy Nexus preview

The Galaxy Nexus is confirmed to be coming to Verizon this year, so it's only natural that the carrier would post a sign up page where users can plug in their email address to be notified when the device is coming. What's slightly less natural, at least for the ostensibly wide-open Nexus line of devices, is the wording on the link to that page: "Exclusively on Verizon." It's possible that the exclusivity is only nominal and Google will still sell the GSM version unlocked directly to consumers right away, but given Google's track record lately we're not holding our breath that it will try again to bust open the subsidy model here in the states.

Samsung's own sign up page for customers includes a "Carrier preference" field that lists plenty of US carriers besides Verizon, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and even C-Spire Wireless. We can't say that's a sure indicator that it will hit any of those carriers, but at least Samsung wants to have that interest registered.

Previous Nexus devices eventually made their way to multiple carriers and we have little doubt that the same will happen with the Galaxy Nexus, it just might not happen as soon as non-Verizon customers might like.


Update: Verizon has changed its link graphic above to remove the phrase "Exclusively from Verizon." That's may be a good sign that the GSM version will be offered in the US along with Verizon's LTE 4G version, but no word yet on whether or not T-Mobile or AT&T will be officially carrying the Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone or if it will simply be offered unlocked directly from Google or Samsung. [via AndroidCentral]