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Nokia helps to develop smartphone dock for prosthetic arm

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Nokia C7
Nokia C7

Trevor Prideaux, born without a left arm, always found using mobile phones a bit more difficult than he liked. He had to make do until one day, he tried balancing a phone on his prosthetic and realized how much easier it would be to use if it was built into the prosthetic. He's since managed to convince Nokia to take a shot at helping him (after Apple reportedly turned him down), and through work with the Exeter Mobility Centre, Nokia developed a solution: a smartphone dock in his prosthetic arm. Prideaux now has a much easier time using his Nokia C7 and feels this solution would help many others with prosthetics to communicate easier. The only downside is this dock doesn't charge the phone for him. For more on Prideaux's new prosthetic, check out The Telegraph's interview and photos.