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Updated Logitech Revue leaks, with Honeycomb and apps (update)

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New Logitech Revue
New Logitech Revue

We heard earlier this month than a new version of Google TV would be launching this fall, with Honeycomb and apps coming to the TV-based OS — now it looks like the update is imminent. Engadget posted a photo of a "New and Improved" Logitech Revue, with Android 3.1 and the Android Market inside. Details are sparse, and though Engadget says the device is on the sales floor of a "major electronics retailer," there's been no official word from Logitech or Google about the update coming. The packaging looks slightly different, particularly the burrito-looking object with the sparks coming out of it, so it's hard to tell if this is new hardware or just new software in the same box. There's also a conspicuous absence of Ice Cream Sandwich, but we're not surprised given how long the Revue was stuck without Honeycomb. Regardless, this update is what Google TV owners and manufacturers have been waiting for, and it looks like it's almost here.

Update: Unfortunately, these are just stickers, and not updated Logitech Revues — the company told Engadget that the boxes were "prematurely updated with the stickers in anticipation of the next release," which will be automatically sent "to all Logitech Revue boxes that are installed and connected to the internet." You won't have to buy a new one.